Why A New Network?

February 21, 2019

Our devices Deserve Better Connectivity Options.

A review of wireless standards and the reasoning behind a new one.

So you decided to make a connected device.

Congratulations. you've taken the first step on what wil be a long journey to bring a new device to market profitably. You've probably begun to evaluate your connectivity options. Will you choose Bluetooth? Wi-Fi? A cellular network? Or an off brand type of connectivity like ingenue, Sigfox, 6lowPAN, Zigbee, Z-wave, LoRa, or one of the other interesting emerging protocols?

We at SignalSet believe LoRaWAN occupies an important component of the emerging wireless landscape. When picking a connectivity option, we want you to have something that's pervasive, has a minimal battery impact, is standards based and has a large developer ecosystem, nad generally fits the needs of your application. If you're building an application for consumer internet activities, such as a smart phone, tablet, tv, or other multimedia terminal. This post is not for you. There are plenty of high bandwidth, low-latency communications protocols in market and in widespread use. What has been virtually ignored, however, are the needs of the less hungry but equally important applicatoins. If you want to know where an asset is, for example, you probably don't need a camera on it. You just need it's latitude and longitude. If you want to know what the acidity level of your soil is in a remote field, using a spotty wifi connection is probably over kill.

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